The best steak in Rome

The “Ristorante del Toscano” has always been synonymous with the best steak in Rome. Many of our customers like to describe us as the only and best steakhouse in Rome, as we have made grilled meat our strong point since 1938. If you should happen to be in the area of the Vatican or if you are looking for the best restaurants in Rome in the Prati district, we look forward to seeing you as only we have the best meat in Rome. Our success relies on the quality of the raw materials, as we select only the best meats, and on an extremely healthy type of cooking in which the fat present on the steak drains off but at the same time contributes to the cooking making the flavour of the grilled meat offered by our restaurant special and tasty. We offer our customers the finest cuts of grilled meat accompanied by a selection of red wines that will make your dinner or lunch break an experience in taste to be remembered. Le nostre carni


“Ristorante dal Toscano” is a famous restaurant in the old centre of Rome specialising in the preparation of the best grilled meat in Rome. In our steakhouse you can taste dishes based on fine meat, sliced cuts and filets, but above all the best steaks in Rome, as confirmed by our regular customers. It is precisely for this reason that we have always liked to describe ourselves as heaven for meat lovers, even if you can also enjoy the best dishes of Tuscan cuisine which make this restaurant in the old centre of Rome one of the most popular with tourists from all over the world. To complete your meal in our steakhouse you can choose from a selection of the best wines to complement and enhance every dish offered.


LOMBI DI PRIMA SCELTA At our restaurant you will breath all the typical aromas of Tuscan cuisine but, most important of all, you will come out ecstatic about the flavour and tenderness of our meat and the dishes of grilled meat, the most notable of which is our famous beef steak, but also the famous “fiorentina” steak and the leaner grilled veal. They are simple dishes but they make it possible to introduce the many customers that stop for lunch or dinner to the world of genuine Italian cuisine and enable them to appreciate it. Come and visit us, and give in to the irresistible aroma of our steak, carefully selected for you, cooked slowly over the embers just to the right point. You will taste the best and most succulent meat in Rome. We are sure you’ll be back!