Our Dishes

Our cuisine has its roots in Tuscany. Certainly, as in the best restaurants, the ingredients have been carefully selected in order to achieve an excellent final product. But what does the restaurant offer?

An excellent selection of typical Tuscan dishes: beans “al fiasco”, ribollita (reboiled soup), pappardelle and pici “alla Toscana”, Tuscan antipasto all accompanied by a good flask of Chianti. And especially the best grilled meats that in the general view of the Roman restaurant business, have made us famous.

Not any less important, is the influence of the Roman cuisine. Lovers of this type of cuisine can taste some of our typical Roman dishes: bombolotti “alla Julius Caesar”, roulade “alla romana”, “saltimbocca alla romana” and “abbacchio cottadito”. Finally we remember the wide choice of home-made wines and desserts which are very highly regarded by our customers.