This site is dedicated to our dear Grandfather Pietro Bruni, founder of the “Dal Toscano” restaurant, who was an advocate for the wholesome values that he preached about so much and which he lovingly handed down to us.

Fabio and Massimo

Pietro Bruni
Ristorante Dal Toscano
Dal Toscano Ristorante
Dal Toscano Ristorante
Dal Toscano Ristorante

Dal Toscano restaurant is the focal point of the history of the Bruni family, our family. Pietro Bruni and his wife Gabriella, realised their great dream by giving life to the Tuscan Trattoria Fiaschetteria al Chianti in 1938.

The cuisine that characterises the restaurant is in the most classical Tuscan style and it is here that the “chianti” was first introduced in Rome. What we really want to emphasise is the care and the love that has gone into the running of our restaurant.

Without being immodest, we want to declare that our passion has made us grand. Pietro Bruni has lovingly handed down his experience and his enormous skills to his two children, Carla and Paola. They have always worked along side their father, who taught them the refined art of the restaurant business. The years have passed and the restaurant has been handed down to a third generation of restaurateurs, Paola and Carla have transformed the locality into one of the most famous restaurants in Rome. It is well-patronized by VIPs and has become one of the most lively restaurants in Rome.

Every day we are adding a new piece to the history of the restaurant business. What we care about most is being faithful to the tradition that has always made us special. At our restaurant you will find a classic taste, great hospitality, a pleasant, warm and inviting atmosphere; our staff will proudly show you the kitchen and the roasting jack that opens out onto the dining area. At our restaurant nothing has been left to chance.

We cannot talk about, the history of our restaurant without remembering a very dear friend who gave us a bit of his art each day and made us part of his life: Federico Fellini, our long time customer. He was proud of us from Tuscany and will continue to be proud of us in the future. We remember him seated at his favourite table, smiling and carefree and accompanied by his faithful companion Giulietta.

We would also like to tell you a bit about our cuisine, but it is impossible. You will have to come and taste it for yourself, and we will be more than happy to give you an extraordinary experience. An experience that we are certain you will want to repeat many times over. Our greatest pleasure is to welcome you with immense joy every time.

The restaurant


Our Dishes

Our cuisine has its roots in Tuscany. Certainly, as in the best restaurants, the ingredients have been carefully selected in order to achieve an excellent final product. But what does the restaurant offer?

An excellent selection of typical Tuscan dishes: beans “al fiasco”, ribollita (reboiled soup), pappardelle and pici “alla Toscana”, Tuscan antipasto all accompanied by a good flask of Chianti. And especially the best grilled meats that in the general view of the Roman restaurant business, have made us famous.

Not any less important, is the influence of the Roman cuisine. Lovers of this type of cuisine can taste some of our typical Roman dishes: bombolotti “alla Julius Caesar”, roulade “alla romana”, “saltimbocca alla romana” and “abbacchio cottadito”. Finally we remember the wide choice of home-made wines and desserts which are very highly regarded by our customers.

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Where We Are

The restaurant Dal Toscano is on Via Germanico 58/60, 00192 – Roma. We are open every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.30 to 15.00 for lunch, from 20.00 to 23.15 for dinner. For more information: +39 06 06

Dicono di Noi

In questa sezione è possibile trovare delle testimonianze di clienti che hanno mangiato presso il Ristorante “Dal Toscano”.


Spesso i ricordi sono migliori della realtà… non Dal Toscano! Tornato dopo anni e rimasto molto, molto soddisfatto. Domenica alle 14 ancora 10 persone in fila che aspettano, ma ne vale la pena. La carne è insuperabile, in tutte le sue declinazioni; porzioni abbondanti; tutte le pietanze servite bollenti (per me fondamentale e non facile quando è pieno). Una tagliata e una lombata di vitello, patate al forno e fritte, frittura di carciofi zucchine e polpetta di bollito, due dolci spettacolari con cioccolata calda, acqua vino: 90 euri. Ottimo per gli amanti della carne.

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